Civil engineering 2017

July 3, 2017 2:12 pm

Emergency Service Networks Infrastructure

The emergency services are moving towards the next generation communication system for the Fire and Rescue, Police and the Ambulance service which can be used by over 300 other public safety organisations

ESN as it is formally known as, will cover all the built up areas as usual but will also cover the most remote of areas in the UK
ICS have been tirelessly working in the highlands and islands to build some of the most challenging sites we have encountered

Access to the sites from the road even at survey stage was a problem and there was a need to use all-terrain vehicles:

  • The narrow road infrastructure in the highlands meant our use of plant was restricted and the careful planning was needed.
  • Access tracks needed to be laid from the road to the site location on a majority of the sites before the construction could take place.
  • Peat and rocky ground conditions increased the excavations time.
  • Harsh weather and working conditions hindered the field staff.

We are proud that we overcame every problem presented to us in a save manner that kept the build program within the time and commercial restraints