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Tower installations, Steel work, Network antenna and components installation, Commissioning and systems testing, Surveys, inspections and Audits, Rope Access and Safe working at height, In Build Solution.

Tower Installations

ICS engineers have erected Greenfield structures from 35 meter column mast to 150 meter self-supporting lattice towers both in the UK and overseas.
Each structure presents its own problems with the use of various mechanical plant items to aid the build, from large cranes, HIABS and even small spider cranes.

We also have to use more traditional methods to lift steel with the use of fixed or floating derricks process, using winches and tag lines for the less accessible sites.

Steel work

ICS’s portfolio consists of many types of steel work installs. With the demand for faster data and a greater capacity, there is constant need for additional antenna support steel and cable management. This can include anything from a single end fed Omni antenna mount, the cellular panel antenna support steel to the full microwave face frame support system on Greenfield sites. ICS also offer and install roof top intrusive and non-intrusive solutions for access, egress, cabinet steel, antenna support steel and an array of cable management options.

Due to structures carrying more equipment than most were originally designed for, they can fail GDC. ICS can supply and install structural strengthening steel work, from simple bracing changes to the more complex leg and panel changes.


Network antenna & components installation

ICS rigging and installation teams are well trained and experienced installers with knowledge of all the UK network providers.

Every installation is of an exceptional standard and built to the exact specifications set out by the network, the vendors and our clients.

With the technology advances gathering speed everyday ICS are consistently adjusting our services to meet the demands of the industry and our clients’ needs.

ICS have been involved in projects as early as the trial stages, ensuring the installation issues are recognised and overcome before the systems are rolled out.

Historical projects ICS staff members have installed include:-

  • Network optimising London and South East
  • ETACS Analogue
  • GSM 2g
  • EGSM
  • 1800 MHz upgrades
  • U2100MHz 3g technology
  • U900 & U9 2nd carrier
  • 6 sector capacity upgrade
  • L2600 EE/VF
  • LTE L8 L18 L21
  • BTS manager
  • Microcells
  • Temp Build solutions
  • DAS installs
  • Bespoke installs
  • Emergency Services – Airwave installation
  • Planned maintenance projects
  • Reactive maintenance

Surveys, inspections
& Audits

With the knowledge and experience within ICS, we have the ability to carry out countless types of surveys.   ICS work closely with design companies to carry out high level and structural reports, antenna and components surveys, line of site surveys (LOS), feasibility surveys to enable design and network planners work toward completing a wireless link between sites.

ICS also carry out network non-intrusive and intrusive antenna audits to verify the systems are compliant with the networks operating parameters.

We also offer fall arrest inspections and certifications, anchor bolt pull testing and certifications

Rope Access &
Safe working at heights

ICS promote and maintain high standards on every site, but there are time challenges that are presented due to the difficult locations that our engineers have to work in. ICS utilise and adapt market leading safety equipment, as well as rope access techniques to ensure a safe working environment for our staff and other contractors working on the projects.

ICS Install and maintain fall arrest equipment, both on rooftop and greenfield sites from, man anchors, temporary and permanent hand railing to horizontal and vertical safety line systems.

ICS rope access engineers can overcome access issues when mechanical or scaffolding are not practical and do so using industrial rope access trade association (IRATA) techniques.

Commissioning & systems testing

With the broad spectrum of projects that ICS are involved in, our engineers are trained in a variety of testing and commissioning equipment, from lightning protection and certifications, microwave panning and commissioning, Anritsu Site Master RF testing and fault finding, Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing identification, rectification, fibre splicing and light testing.

In Build Solution

With historic and modern day architecture and the building materials used in each, full signal coverage throughout these types of buildings is not always achievable. With the constant need to communicate and the use of voice and data being an essential part of today’s society, there are various wireless solutions that can be incorporated into existing and new building structures. ICS have worked on numerous projects from small single room solution, to full stadium installations that enable the match day crowds to communicate on Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

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